Fasteners keep the world together

Fasteners quite literally keep much of the world’s key infrastructure together. And we’re delighted to play our role.

We understand all the key industries and have exclusive agreements with Europe’s top manufacturers.

We look forward to working with you too.


More than 80.000 top quality fasteners available from stock.

HEICO-Lock systems

Fasteners are not used exclusively for permanent locking of the fastening, and sometimes you need to find a balance between the locking strength.


While studbolts are in essence simple products – a treated stud with two nuts – it is often employed in critical situations. In pipelines in cold conditions, for example, temperature exposure can change from -20 degrees to 500 degrees Celsius in just a few seconds.

Custom Made

While we have over 80,000 items in stock as standard, there are occasions when you need a custom-made solution. Perhaps a special coating, a special material for extreme stress situations.


Fasteners are used in almost all manufacturing sectors. As manufacturing practices develop, and new industries emerge.

Anti Seizing

Seizing is incredibly annoying, and very expensive. While the structure itself may still be fully functional.

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