Fasteners are often subject to industry-specific requirements

Each industry has its own, specific demand for fasteners. This depends strongly on where the fasteners are used, and therefore on the environmental conditions to which the fasteners are exposed.

There are various standards, including ASTM, DIN, ISO, etc. Interestingly enough, each industry has developed its own use of these standards. Like the oil price is expressed in dollars, the petrochemical industry also uses American standards (ASTM) for most fasteners. DIN/ISO/European standards are used in branches like power plants and renewable energies.

Metrik has long-standing, close relationships with all forms of manufacturing for all standards – on an exclusive basis (see partners) and as a distributor. We understand the needs of each. We bring together this experience with manufacturers, laboratories, and the latest market developments to offer a fully tailored, purchasing experience. For special needs such as coatings, we are not limited to single partners, but can leverage our manufacturer base to offer fast turnaround and significant cost-efficiency.

Renewable energy and offshore

The renewable energy sector has very specific demands, as much of the products are exposed to extreme weather conditions…

Original equipment manufacturing (oem)

In an OEM environment, failure to deliver is not an option. While it is already a challenge to meet OEM demands in terms of standard, off-the-shelf fasteners…


Power generation is a fascinating industry, with standards and demands far exceeding those in other sectors..


Historically, the standard for the oil and gas industry is ASTM. Similar to the power generation industry..

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