TS Verbindungsteile

Made in Germany.
Efficient and fast.

TS Verbindungsteile is a German specialist manufacturer with over 50 years’ experience using every type of (stainless) steel and alloy and with the latest machine tooling. Single-piece manufacturing up to series production in sizes M1.2 to M 200. We are TS Verbindungsteile’s exclusive agent.

We have been the exclusive agent for TS Verbindungsteile since 2015, with the relationship beings strengthened further in 2018 when TS became part-shareholder in Metrik. This close relationship means we can guarantee short-term turnaround and deliveries and an optimal service for the Benelux market.

Industry specialisation includes

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80,000 top-quality fasteners
in stock at all times

We have exclusive distribution rights
with Europe's leading manufacturers

Our huge experience in all key sectors
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